Waiting in the Rain For Snow, recorded by the NOW Ensemble on New Amsterdam Records.

“David Crowell’s ‘Waiting in the Rain For Snow’ is notable for its crystalline sonic beauty.” Boston Globe, May 2011

“…a hymnal to a hidden process, the sense of transformation etched and sculpted by intricate, repeated figures in guitar and piano overlaid and compounded by shifting, drifting patterns in woodwinds.” Classical Review, April 2011

“…a splash of jazzy joy; minimalist-inflected motifs buoyed by interchanging rhythms, absorbing crescendos, and abrupt dynamics.” Jeffrey Edelstein, Crane Arts Center

The Open Road, written for and performed by the JACK Quartet

“David Crowell’s alluring, vibrant ‘Open Road’ evoked expansive vistas. After a stately opening and sparse textures, the music morphed into an energetic canvas with a fast Minimalist pulse.”  New York Times, August 2012

“The concert ended with David Crowell’s cinematographic and Minimalist ‘Open Road,’ an inspired work that evoked Mr. Crowell’s frequent road trips out West.”  New York Times, June 2010

Empyrean Atlas

“Empyrean Atlas has an African-music inflected style that also brings to mind Ornette Coleman’s record Dancing in Your Head.”  Huffington Post, March 2014

“…writing for this new outfit combines Minimalist drive and Afropop shimmer – a bright infectious mix.”  TimeOut NY, June 2012

“…each part in its own right had a captivating sense of horizontal melody, and put together wove a more complex tapestry.”  icareifyoulisten, June 2012

The album Eucalyptus, released by Innova in April 2012

“Crowell’s use of layering encompasses the cannily composed with just the right taste of aleatory to allow for a bit of improvisational sounding organicism to zestily season a distinctive sound world…a lovely and warm aural bath (Eucalyptus)…the piece’s (Throw Down Your Heart) busily corruscating mallet-played melodies remind one of an entire shop of banjos and mbiras (thumb pianos) being played all at once.”  Sequenza21, April 2012

 The album Spectrum, released by Innova in June 2010

“…Crowell’s singular vision transcends genre; no  amount of hyphens can pin him down…”  Exclaim, June 2010

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