11/19/12 — Empyrean Atlas @ HERE Arts Center (New York).  The cast of Einstein on the Beach presents their own work.  Show begins at 8:30, Empyrean Atlas at 10.

11/23-28, 2012 — At Heavens Door, a multi-media piece by Paul Amlehn, in exhibition at the State Hermitage Museum (St. Petersburg, Russia).  Contributions by members of Kraftwerk, Sun0)))), Peter Gabriel, Laurie Anderson, King Crimson, Antony and the Johnsons & yours truly.

12/14/12 — Philip Glass Ensemble @ the Barbican (London).  Performing Koyaanisqatsi with Britten Sinfonia.

12/15/12 — Philip Glass Ensemble @ Union Chapel (London).  Retrospective Performance.

12/16/12 — Face the Music @ Vaudeville Park (Brooklyn).  Performing my string quartet The Open Road.

1/5-7 and 1/10-12, 2013 — Philip Glass Ensemble @ Het Muziektheater (Amsterdam).  Einstein on the Beach.

1/22-23, 2013 — Philip Glass Ensemble (Groningen, NL).  Performances of Koyaanisqatsi.

1/25-26, 2013 — Philip Glass Ensemble (Ghent, Belgium).  Performances of La Belle et la Bete.

2/10/13 — JACK Quartet + Mak Grgic (Los Angeles).  Premiere of a new piece commissioned by the Da Camera Society.

2/13/13 — A4TY (Carnegie Hall).  Premiere of a new piece for 3 flutes, commissioned by the Bloomingdale School of Music.

2/22/13 — Empyrean Atlas w/ Julia Easterlin, Tony Castles and Conrad Winslow.  Nonesuch Records showcase @ At 7 Dunham.

3/1/13 — Empyrean Atlas (10 Clermont in Brooklyn).  House party for the new Living Room Series.

3/8-10, 2013 — Philip Glass Ensemble (Hong Kong).  Einstein on the Beach.

3/23 & 3/26, 2013 — UT Martin Percussion (Martin, Tennessee) performs my percussion sextet The Day After.

3/25/13 — Empyrean Atlas w/ All the King’s Horses (Brooklyn).  8:30pm at Sycamore.

4/14/13 — Illinois State University Percussion Ensemble (Normal, IL) performs my percussion sextet The Day After.

4/26/13 – Andrew Smiley/Sandy Gordon/David Crowell (Brooklyn).  House party in Midwood.

5/3/13 — Tree People record first album at the Ice Box (Philadelphia)

5/10/13 — Philip Glass Ensemble (Houston).  Performance of Dracula.

5/14/13Mak Grgic (Arts at the Park, 85th Street Christian Church, New York). Mak performs a new commissioned piece for electric guitar and organ.

5/23-25, 2013 — Philip Glass Ensemble @ Yerba Buena Center (San Francisco).  Performances of La Belle et la Bete.

5/26/13 — Philip Glass Ensemble @ Davies Hall (San Francisco).  Koyaanisqatsi.

6/2/13 — Face the Music @ Museum of Jewish Heritage (New York).  Performing my string quartet The Open Road.

7/13/13 — Philip Glass Ensemble @ Prospect Park (Celebrate Brooklyn).  

7/31-8/4, 2013 — Philip Glass Ensemble (Melbourne).  Einstein on the Beach.

8/2/13 — Pratt Museum (Homer, Alaska).  Opening of the exhibition Beneath the Surface, featuring a new collection of pieces commissioned by the Pratt Museum.

8/10-11, 2013 — Philip Glass Ensemble (Edinburgh).  Performances of La Belle et la Bete.

8/16/13 — Philip Glass Ensemble (Ostrava, Czech Republic).  Music in 12 Parts.

8/20-21, 2013 — Philip Glass Ensemble (Helsinki, Finland). Koyaanisqatsi and Retrospective.

10/11-13, 2013 — Philip Glass Ensemble (Los Angeles).  Einstein on the Beach.

10/29/13 — Philip Glass Ensemble (Ft Worth, TX).  Performance of Dracula.

11/1/13 — Philip Glass Ensemble (Blacksburg, VA).  Performance of Powaqqatsi.

11/9/13 — Philip Glass Ensemble @ the Royal Arts Festival (London).  Music in 12 Parts.

11/12/13 — Radford University Percussion Ensemble (Radford, VA).  Performance of my percussion piece The Day After.

11/19/13 — Ian Rosenbaum premieres Celestial Sphere at the Monk Space (Los Angeles, CA), a new commissioned work for multiple percussion at the People Inside Electronics festival.

12/8-9, 2013 — Empyrean Atlas records new album at Trout Recording (Brooklyn, NY), with Bryce Goggin.

12/17/13 — Michael Compitello performs Celestial Sphere (Tuscon, AZ).

1/7-12, 2014 — Philip Glass Ensemble @ Theatre du Chatelet (Paris, FR).  Einstein on the Beach.

1/17/14 — Philip Glass Ensemble (Saint Etienne, FR).  Retrospective.

1/18-19, 2014 — Philip Glass Ensemble (Saint Etienne, FR). La Belle et la Bete.

1/21-22, 2014 — Philip Glass Ensemble (Blagnac, FR).  La Belle et la Bete.

2/1/14 — Philip Glass Ensemble (Gothenburg, Sweden).  Koyaanisqatsi w/ orchestra & chorus.

3/3 & 3/5-7, 2014 – Philip Glass Ensemble (Berlin, Germany).  Einstein on the Beach.

3/14/14 — Michael Compitello performs Celestial Sphere (Ithaca, NY) at the Carriage House Cafe.

3/22/14 — Philip Glass Ensemble (Budapest, Hungary). Performance of La Belle at la Bete.

3/23/14 — Ian Rosenbaum performs Celestial Sphere (Washington D.C.) at the Phillips Collection.

3/24/14 — Empyrean Atlas with itsnotyouitsme, Build and Victoire (Brooklyn, NY) at Roulette.

4/5/14 — FiveOne Experimental Orchestra performs Waiting in the Rain For Snow (Lakewood, OH) at Screw Factory.

4/30/14 — Philip Glass Ensemble (Santa Barbara).  La Belle et la Bete.

5/1-2, 2014 — Philip Glass Ensemble @ UCLA (Los Angeles).  La Belle et la Bete.

5/3/14 — Philip Glass Ensemble @ UCLA (Los Angeles).  Music in 12 Parts.

5/10/14 — Empyrean Atlas w/ Bonjour (Brooklyn, NY) at Pete’s Candy Store.

5/30/14 — Alarm Will Sound (St. Louis, MO) at Sheldon Concert Hall.  Performing Fallout, a piece I composed for AWS in 2012.

11/5/14 — Philip Glass Ensemble (Vilnius, Lithuania). Retrospective.

11/8/14 — Philip Glass Ensemble (Bristol, UK) at Colston Hall. Retrospective.

11/10/14 — Philip Glass Ensemble (Manchester, UK) at Bridgewater Hall. Retrospective.

11/12/14 — Philip Glass Ensemble (Basingstoke, UK) at the Anvil. Retrospective.

11/14/14 — Philip Glass Ensemble (Cambridge, UK) at the Cambridge Corn Exchange. Retrospective.

2/15-18, 2015 — Philip Glass Ensemble (Paris, FR) at the Cite de la Musique.  Performances of la Belle et la Bete.

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